Trunking Telephones with wireless PBX

Trunking Telephones with wireless PBX

Model No.︰-

Brand Name︰senggang com

Country of Origin︰China

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Advantages︰ Two line PBX system
Full duplex talk between handsets
Multi-channel auto scan
Maximum handsets: 100, with intercom function
LCD panel, with alarm timing
MCU control, 100,000 duplex security code performance
Power-saving mode and long standby time
Clear voice after compress-extracting system
Voice and light alert when battery is low
Speed dialing and auto-lock function for keypad
Clock display, clock auto-modified, talktime auto-count, alarm and power
Tone/pulse selection
Can display received phone numbers and dialed phone numbers on base unit
Ringer volume and intercom volume can be changed, with several ring selections
intercom CID
Storing 10 sets of numbers for quick dialing
Free diversion between handsets
Full duplex talk between base and handsets,
Frequency: 148/230MHz
Base power: 15W
Handset power: 1.5W
Communication range: 10-35km