GSM-IV Remote Camera

GSM-IV Remote Camera

Model No.︰GSM-Camera

Brand Name︰Sengang

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

GSM-IV Remote Camera is a GSM/GPRS enabled VGA camera that can take pictures on demand or on activation of external events. It is equipped with multiple I/O expansion and can be easily interfaced to external equipment and can also be expanded with audio hardware to allow remote listening. The GSM-IV Remote Camera can be located anywhere in the world with GSM coverage and you call the camera and take pictures directly to your mobiphone. You can also command The GSM-IV Remote Camera to contact you via SMS, MMS or directly to your phone when any of it’s sensors are activated. The camera can take pictures as required. The pictures it delivers are colour images with selectable resolution from 80x60 to 640x480 pixels.
If you use the RS485 version of the VGA camera then you can connect multiple cameras to a single GSM/GPRS controller. A single broadcast command can request all cameras to take a picture at the same time.

Taking A Picture

Dial in to take a picture
This is the most direct method .The advantage is that you can get a picture instantly direct from the GSM Remote camera.
alarm to take a picture
1. On activation of any of it’s inputs
2. On a regular timed basis e.g. every hour.


GSM Unit
Power 12V DC nominal.
GSM 900/1800/1900 Mhz tri-band GSM and GPRS.
GSM Interface RS232 . RS485 or RS422.
CMOS level serial with Transmit and Receive
I/O 3 x digital outputs, 3 x digital inputs and 1 x 3A 30VDC relay output, 1
Voice inside alarm out and inside microphone signals available .
DTMF inside DTMF board responds to DTMF control. Temperature -40 – 75 degrees Celsius.

Camera Specification
Imager OV7640
Imager Sensitivity 1 lux
Array size 640 x 480
Pixel size 5.6 x 5.6µm Scanning Progressive Image area 3.6 x 2.7mm S/N ratio 46dB Interface levels Vmax 3.3V Operating voltage 3.3VDC Operating current 45mA
Power down current < 1mA

Camera Lens Focal length 3mm Back focal length 5.5mm Angle of view (Diag) 120
F No. 1.8
Iris Fixed
Lens construction 4 element glass with IR filter
Lens can be eaily changed to suit the application from narrow to wide angle and with IR
filter and without for low light conditions.

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