GSM SMS Sender

GSM SMS Sender

Model No.︰GSM-SM


Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ A) GSM SMS Sender

Used in areas where landline is not available. It uses the existing GSM infrastructure to send SMS messaged and call users in case of alarm. Particularly useful for boats, remote cottages etc. Uses a Siemens GSM unit and is powered by the alarm's main unit.

B) GSM SMS Sender
--------without computer one
SMS Auto-Sending by GSM
1) the phone number can be programed by yourself to SIM card,the range from 13xxxxxxxxx to 139xxxxxxxx
2) the message can be programed by yourself to SIM card
3) not need work with computer ,it can be put anywhere you want

----------with computer one
we can offer software with computer

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