2-way Car Alarm Security System

2-way Car Alarm Security System

Model No.︰-

Brand Name︰senggang

Country of Origin︰China

Minimum Order︰-

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Specifications︰ AQB-7000 Super long-distance two-way auto guard against theft and alarm system
Main features and function:
1). Humanize and intellectualized design for more convenient and safer using.
2). Adopt modern advanced microcomputer control rolling code technology could prevent using high-tech to filch the tele control password, safer use.
3). The color LCD of owner¡¯s remote control displays the auto setting and presenting condition ( locked, unlocked, gate, light and engine condition etc.)
4). While exigence happening, (auto been struck or gate been prized), except the auto emit the frightening high sounds, the remote control could ring or shake to remind the owner, at the meanwhile the color LCD will display the referred warming image.
5). Call out owner function
6). Long-distance tele-control autos and see about (affirm) auto presenting condition.
7). Long-distance tele-control/ timing (24 hours) startup engine and air condition system.
8). Automatic central control lock
9). Environmental soundless enactment selection
10). Automatic gates lock/ unlock enactment functions

FOB prices (for minimum order quantity)---------98 usd
Minimum order quantity--------------------------100 set
Sample availability/cost------------------------200 usd /each
International standards met---------------------ok
Delivery time-----------------------------------20 day