GPRS/CDMA camera

GPRS/CDMA camera

Model No.︰GPRS-IP


Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

1.Waterproofing and IR camera for outdoor and night used
2.Built-in back up Lithium battery and auto-charger unit
3.Support 2G SD card to save 28800 photos
4.Image monitoring and detection for moving objects
5. Built-in four- bands, GSM 850 Mhz ,900Mhz, 1800Mhz and 1900Mhz,
6.The picture to be transmitted can be adjusted to QCIF (160x128), CIF (320x240), VGA (640x480)
8.Can pre-set 1 groups monitoring center.
9.Can capture thief ‘s photo and send to computer with fix IP , and you can controll it on line.
10.Can capture thief ‘s photo and send to  email box, which provides evidence for case.


13.Support outside siren and can be make silence and siren.


14.Built-in two input ports, which can be connected with 2 zone wired detectors.
15.Support 16 zone for wireless detectors
16.Built-in a Relay which you may connect it with Lamp switch and it will auto tune on 3 Min when alarm
17.Built-in a Relay which you may connect it with air conditioning switch , you can to turn it on or off
18.Easy use controllor to alarm,disalarm, emergency call ,take picture and so on
19.Support all kinds of wireless detectors or sensors, such as wireless PIR Sensors, beams, gas/smoke detectors, wireless panic buttons and so on
20.All the alarm system is wireless, no need to set wire and easy for installation. Special suitable for storeroom, garage and the places where there is no telephone line.
GPRS moniter center work with computer and has fix IP address, the GPRS Terminal with camera can usd GPRS network to send the image to the computer

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