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AV in and JPG out board

  • AV in and JPG out board
  • AV in and JPG out board
Model No.︰AV-jpg
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Product Description

Video image acquisition module is a analog video input and serial interface output with JPG compress module, the user can through the UART serial port to remote control module and get the JPG image information. With small volume, light weight, low consumption of power,the module can support NTCS/PAL video formats. And directly connected AV output video signal monitor at the same time, Users can use external microcontroller to control this module to the demand of special purposes by simple easy operation instructions .

Areas of application:

1. Used in the study of image, the user can send command control module and get image data through the serial port.

2. Can be used the remote management, module connected with the master device, which can realize the remote control management;

3. Widely used in security, vehicle, road monitoring and other fields, not only can send instructions via a serial port to control its work, also can through the serial port data upload images.

4. When used for remote control, it can be directly connected to the computer, you can also by connecting to external host, and through the Internet to transmit data, finally the data sent to the client, the user can through the Internet in real time to view and control its work.


Compressed video image acquisition board technical parameters

JPEG image compression format standards

Image resolution :352 x288;320 x240;176 x144

Video input :1-4 road/BNC (optional NTSC/PAL composite signal input, formats)

Video and control communications port :RS232 serial port protocol (115200, N, 8, 1), the standard RS232 physical interface

Real-time composite signal output :1 line

Work environment :0 to 50 ° c, 20% - 80%, PH

Power input: + 5 v, 300 ma (without external camera)

Standby power consumption: 1.5 W filming moment: 5.0 W

size :48 x60 mm


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