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JPEG RS-232 Camera

Model No.︰JPEG Camera II
Country of Origin︰China
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Specifications︰JPEG RS-232 Camera

JPEG Compression VGA Camera Module

General Description

The JPEG compression module performs as a video camera or a JPEG compressed still camera and can be attached to a wireless or PDA host. Users can send out a snapshot command from the host in order to capture a full resolution single-frame still picture. The picture is then
compressed by the JPEG engine and transferred to the host.

Block Diagram
VGA Image Sensor
DSP Compression Engine EEPROM (program)

. Low-cost, & low-powered solution for high resolution image capture
. Built-in down-sampling, clamping and windowing circuits for VGA/CIF/SIF/QCIF/160x128/80x64
image resolutions
. RS-232: 115.2K bps for transferring JPEG still pictures or 160x128 preview @8bpp with 0.75~6 fps
. JPEG CODEC with variable quality settings for different resolutions
. Built-in color conversion circuits for 4 gray/16 gray/256 gray/12-bit RGB/16-bit RGB/Pallet 256
RGB preview images
System Configuration
Camera Sensors

The JPEG RS-232 Camera uses OmniVision VGA CameraChips with an 8-bit YCbCr interface.

DSP Serial Bridge

The DSP Serial Bridge is a controller chip that can transfer image data from CameraChips to
external device. The DSP takes 8-bit YCbCr 422 progressive video data from an CameraChip. The camera interface synchronizes with input video data and performs down sampling, clamping and windowing functions with desired resolution, as well as color conversion that is
requested by the user through serial bus host commands.
The JPEG CODEC with variable quality settings can achieve higher compression ratio & better
image quality for various image resolutions.

Program Memory

A serial type program memory is built-in for JPEG RS-232 Camera, which provides user-friendly commands to
interface external control units.

Pin Description

Pin Description
VCC Power 5VDC
TxD Data Transmit
RxD Data Receive
GND Power Ground

Lens : CL4022IR (f4.0mm F/No 2.2) with IR Cut filter

Product Image

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