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seven key pager system(200M)

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Product Description
seven key show different function ,used in restuarant or nurse pager system.

Base can be put in Nurse house,pager is kept on the doctor
the baes have 7 key,every key show difference fanction.
A) ----one way is one key show a doctor,so you can use the base to call 7 doctors. if you push No.1,the one doctor ' pager will sound or
vibration.the other doctor will still rest.
B)----other way is every doctor( one more then 10000) will receive the call,and can display the number(1 to 7) which stand for difference
function,every doctor can check know what will do.this way can call every doctor what happened.

- Numeric Keypad ---7
- On-Board Configuration (no PC Required)
- In built Paging Transmitter
- 10,000 Pager Capacity
-Freq. : 156.4MHz
2. Pager
Code format: POCSAG code (number one of CCIR wireless paging code)
Signaling rate: 512 bit/s or 1200 bit/s
Modulation format: direct frequency shift key (non return-to-zero system)
Modulation frequency deviation: +/-4.5kHz
Frequency range: 135-175MHz, 279-284MHz
Four groups of address code
Manual input code function
12 kinds of melody alerts, vibrations or sound alert selections
12-message memory/10-message protection
Calendar, clock display, three-time alarm setting
Repeat/unread messages indicator
Out of receiving range indicator
Low battery alert
Size/set: 58 x 42 x 18mm
Weight/set: 140g (excluding battery)

FOB prices (for minimum order quantity)---------base : 58 usd ,
--------------------------------------------------Pager :25 usd
Minimum order quantity--------------------------100 set
Sample availability/cost------------------------180 usd for one base with 2 pager and DHL charge.

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